Bike cover - outdoor

This tough lightweight polyester outer cover shields against dirt, and weather. With front and rear hole for lock and elastic lower band. Adjustable belly strap to keep the cover attached in windy conditions.

Size M: 039PCU0009
Size L: 039PCU0010
Size XL: 039PCU0011
Size XL + Topcase: 039PCU0012

Size M, fits for example:
Ninja 300, ER-6N, ZX-6, Z800, Z900, Z1000, W800, Z1000SX, ZX-10, H2 & H2R

Size L, fits for example:
Vulcan S, J300, Z1000SX with panniers

Size XL, fits for example:
GTR, VN1700, Versys 650, Versys 1000, ZZR14,

Size XL + Top case, fits for example:
Versys 650, Versys 1000 with Top case +panniers